This blog is about our travels and adventures to find the flavors for our seltzers! In addition, we will be blogging about industry trends along with personal stories about why we love what we’re doing!

As far as our company goes, we are Elevated Seltzer based out Arvada, Colorado. We’re two brothers that grew up in the craft beer industry that decided to create our own brand. A simple concept that started off as a “Now, just hear me out” phone call manifested into the current products we offer. With an ever-changing craft beer culture, we decided to take a new approach to what we’ve always done and tap into Hard Seltzer.  This led us to becoming Colorado’s First Seltzery! Meaning we brew our own Hard Seltzer at the craft level.

We love the products we make and nothing makes us happier than other people enjoying them as well. Our products promote a healthier lifestyle, a new way of feeling refreshed and not feeling full after throwing a couple back.

Website: ElvtdSeltzer.com

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