Hard Seltzer & Food Flight Pairing 6/19

About the Event: We’re very excited to offer a very unique event on June 19th! Join us to sample foods prepared by Chef Tim Nguyen and Chef Charity Phillips with two outstanding flights (four 4oz pours) of Hard Seltzer! We’ll have two suggested flights along with being able to craft your own flight as well!

Each flight comes with four 4oz seltzers and four food items! The cost of the flight with food is $20 and you’ll be able to purchase each individual food item as an entrée if you’d like to do so after. 

Our current food menu will be on hold for the day for this day only! The menu on the 19th will only feature what Tim & Charity whip up!! No reservation is required but feel free to claim your spot early!!
O U R     M E N U
Coconut Shrimp – Pina Colada Seltzer
Caprese Bruschetta – Pomagranate-Apple Seltzer
Cherry BBQ Ribs – Cherry Lime Seltzer
Spring Rolls- Lemon – Lime Cucumber Seltzer
Mixed Berry Cobbler – Mixed Berry Seltzer
Chili Chocolate Brownies – Grapefruit Seltzer
Chocolate Acai Ice Cream Float – Acai Seltzer
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie – Mango Seltzer


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