New 7.5% Mixed Pack!!! 4/16

We have officially finalized our second mix pack to hit liquor stores around the state and at our storefront in Arvada after the first week of April!! This new pack features all 7.5% Abv Hard Seltzers and includes: Pomegranate-Apple, Grapefruit, Mango and Mixed Berry! There will be 12 seltzers in each one with 3 of … Continue reading New 7.5% Mixed Pack!!! 4/16

New Food Menu!! 3/5

Exciting news!! Chef Tim Nguyen has taken over our kitchen for the foreseeable future! He is very well versed and has experience in many restaurants/food trucks! Check out his menu here! Follow him on IG to see what he's cooking upĀ @elvtd_eats!