Top 5 Places to See Aspens Change Color in Colorado

Colorado is a wonderful place, let’s all agree. One of the many amazing activities to participate in here is checking out Aspen trees preparing for winter. Aspen trees in the mountains spend most the year with no leaves on their branches or have bright green leaves shining during the warmer months. However, for a short period of time in September and October, the trees explode with color. The leaves turn a vibrant yellow and orange, transforming entire mountain ranges. You can hike through the colorful forests or view the beauty from afar. This is a list featuring some great places to witness this annual transformation.

#5 Rocky Mountain National Park

This area is close to Denver and features breathtaking views all year round. The best way to view the color change is driving over Trail Ridge Road and view the entire park from the top. The only issue is some years the road closes early due to snow and you can’t drive the entirety of the road. However, the whole park offers places to view the color changes. Also the park is not free to enter so keep that in mind!

#4 Georgetown

Another area that is close to Denver, Georgetown, CO has amazing views of Aspen trees changing color during the fall. You can drive up Guanella Pass, towards the 14ers Mt. Evans and Mt. Bierstadt, and find a spot over looking the city for a panoramic view. You could also take the train for a chill ride around town or take an easy hike to be in the sea of orange Aspens. Afterwards, stop in town and check out some old school architecture and grab lunch!

#3 Crested Butte

A bit further away from Denver, this town is isolated and peaceful all year round. During the fall there are endless trails to hike or bike to get close, and see first hand, the Aspens light up. The town itself is one of the best in Colorado. Featuring amazing restaurants, unique breweries, and fun shopping. This ski town is a must visit, even more so during the fall.

#2 Telluride

Probably Colorado’s best mountain town, this is an outstanding place to witness the Aspens change color. It is a far drive from Denver but so very worth it. You can take the gondola to the top of the ski resort and wander for hours through the yellow forest. You could also bike around the bike park, downhill through the changing trees. Plus the view from the top offers incredible photo opportunities. If you are interested in beer or live music, the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival happens the same time the trees begin changing. The festival always proves to be an amazing experience.

#1 Aspen

The name alone should be enough to earn the #1 spot on this list. The entire town offers great views of the leaves changing color. Plus it is an excellent mountain town with lots to do. The absolute best spot to witness the arrival of fall is at the base of the Maroon Bells. Towering mountains, 14,000 ft to be exact, are surrounded by colorful Aspens proving to be an amazing photo opportunity. There is a bus you have to take up to the base of the Bells but it is totally worth it.

Other areas that were considered for this list: Winter Park, Steamboat Springs, and the Million Dollar Highway.

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