The Ancient Açai


My journey began as a small child, but is far from finished. I grew up in the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, there I learned to survive the extreme elements while advancing my skills in combat.  A small band of mercenaries recruited me at an early age and now I travel the world in search of the rarest items and artifacts known to man.

Five months ago, I was contracted to retrieve an açai berry in the North East quadrant of the Sahara Desert. Who placed the bounty is uncertain as all the buyers remain anonymous, but I don’t ask questions. After my failed attempt to procure rare fruit from an iceberg in the Pacific Ocean, I had to complete this contract in order to stay in the good graces of the guild.

With no leads I decided to visit a town called No Name. It’s  a small town located in Colorado and is a well known watering hole for elite adventurers. After talking to the bartender I was able to gain useful information regarding the ancient açai berry. For most of my international expeditions, transportation has been difficult to come by. I do not have a passport and I wouldn’t consider my self wealthy. However, this never stopped me before and I knew exactly where to start.

I hitch hiked to New York and managed to sneak aboard a cargo ship heading to Tunisia. After what seemed like a lifetime, I was thrilled to be off the boat and back on dry land. I wasted no time in finding my next mode of transportation and purchased an old dune buggy. I then headed South East, straight into the Sahara Desert.

I arrived at the coordinates provided to me by the bartender in No Name, Colorado. It was a large canyon, much too rocky for my buggy, that had a crystal clear river running through it. Overhead, the clouds began to darken and I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time. I ditched my ride and headed into the canyon on foot.

The sky was darkening and rain began to fall, I needed to increase my pace. Then like a mirage, I stumbled upon a campsite. Engraved into the canyon wall directly above was an eagle. I quickly but quietly drew my pistol, expecting an ambush. Instead, a man emerged from the rain soaked tent and yelled “come in”!

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I darted towards the tent but the man began to sprint away from me. Confused as to why he was running, I ran after him. Within moments, I was engulfed in a deadly flash flood. The campsite was swept away and we were both helplessly pulled under the waves. I felt the man grip my hand and hoist me out of the flood and onto a dry ledge. Before I could catch my breath and thank him, my eyes filled with wonderment. We had made it to the tomb that held the ancient açai berry.

Upon entering the tomb, we encountered many dangerous traps. With his expertise combined with my survival skills though, we reached the treasure room without a scratch. Inside, the room was damp and cold but we found a bright golden chalice, overflowing with perfectly ripe açai berries. The man turned to me and finally introduced himself as The Pathfinder. He began to go on about how he needed these berries and how they were vital for his ultimate project. He insisted he needed all of the berries, but I was just happy to be alive. We worked out a deal and he compensated me fairly in exchange for allowing him keeping all the berries. We exited the tomb, exchanged info, and went our separate ways.

The Pathfinder was heading back to Denver, Colorado and I almost joined him. However, returning to the guild empty handed would mean grave consequences. Somehow that didn’t bother me though as my whole life has been spent wandering. I knew I could start fresh somewhere else. I wasn’t sure where to go but all I knew is that I was ready for another adventure.

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Written by: Aidan Warner-The Wanderer

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