The Weather Outside is Frightful, But With Seltzer, It’s So Delightful.

When snow falls and ice is in the air as the seasons change from fall to winter, we all have different reactions. Some hibernate indoors with hot chocolate, blankets and holiday movies. Others continue their daily lives but add an extra layer or two. If you are like me, you might develop a fever, and the only prescription? Fresh chowda’! Some people think we are sick in the head, or even insane. Especially when we say things like, “shred that gnar” and “love me some pow,” or even “I totally had a yard sale off that kicker last year.” But, we’re not crazy, it simply means winter has come.

With the arrival of winter, many of us start planning that yearly trip to a cabin or ski resort with family and friends. It could be for snowmobiling, snowshoeing, hitting the slopes or just hanging out on Main Street in Breckinridge. After a long day of romping through the snow, we head back to the cabin or condo with one thing on the brain, hot tub time. It’s a tradition spanning back to the 50’s (some might say even earlier), then in the 70’s and 80’s, came the addition of ski bunnies and skin tight, multi-colored jumpsuits. The attire and slang might be different, but that warm fuzzy feeling you get at the end of each day spent with friends and family remains the same. Our society even went as far to honor these moments with the movie Hot Tub Time Machine, proving snowy vacations are as good as any.

One thing that has served as an anchor through the decades, snowy regions of the world, and winter activities, is having a drink during and after these winter escapades. Today we have a wide variety of options, especially compared to 60 years ago, and for the first time ever hard seltzer will be part of your winter fun.

One of the greatest, simple joys in life is cracking open a cold one on the chairlift or warming up with a glass of whiskey after a day on the mountain. While these traditions won’t fade, a new tradition has arrived – seltzer in the snow. Seltzer is the perfect summertime drink, but it’s so much more. Seltzer is a great way to keep a buzz while staying active no matter what season. It is a great compliment for things like golfing, fishing, hiking, and many other warm weather activities. However, the same reasons we drink seltzer during summer adventures apply to winter ones. Seltzer keeps you more hydrated than other adult beverages, it doesn’t make you feel full, and it doesn’t slow you down. So the next time you hit the slopes, hop on a snowmobile, or snowshoe through the woods, grab a pack of hard seltzer.

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Written by: Aidan Warner