Colorado’s First Seltzery

This year, hard seltzer has taken flight and began landing in the hands of more and more consumers every week. The fact is that most seltzers are gluten free, low in calories, and provide a higher level of hydration. But those are only a few of the reasons they’ve become more popular. Seltzer has eased itself to be the perfect compliment to hiking, kyaking, mountain biking and golfing. It has also become a necessity at those sweet summer hangs, pool parties, and barbecues. As a whole, it appears to be the ideal drink for the wonderful state of Colorado.

It’s no surprise that a new way of drinking alcohol has blown up in Colorado, but the real shocker is that only a handful of established breweries have began making seltzer. With seltzer flowing out of the doors of liquor stores and being able to craft like beer, it is time we put Colorado on the map. That’s why Elevated Seltzer has become the first Craft Seltzery. We have pulled our focus from beer to create a brewery and taproom dedicated to hard seltzer and exploration of its potential. Here is Our Story.

Our overall mission is to create a wide variety of delicious flavors to have on draught in our taproom, at your neighborhood bar and on the shelves of your favorite liquor store. All while leading the way in seltzer innovation. We want to push the boundaries of this industry, such as creating exciting cocktails that use our seltzer as an ingredient, crafting the perfect winter seltzer, and even a Dry Hopped White IPA Seltzer. The sky is the limit and we have only just started our ascent into this great unknown. Along our journey we will be learning everyday and be constantly evolving. All in an effort to create the perfect hard seltzer right here in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Check out what The Westword had to say about and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Plus, you can always pull up our website and check out upcoming events, where you can buy our product, and what we are currently working on. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy being a part of the Elvtd movement just as much as we do!


Written by:

Aidan Warner and Warren Wood

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